Jarek Crew, Guest Poser


We're honored to feature Jarek Crew, Physique Enthusiast, IFBB Classic Physique Pro, and Posing Instructor.

Jarek is the IFBB’s very own Classic Physique Pro. He started out competing in 2016 where he placed overall at the Dexter Jackson Classic and later went on to obtaining his pro status in 2018 at Team Universe in Teaneck, NJ.


Known for his stage presence, Jarek began coaching athletes on how to display their physique and maximizing their physical potential on stage. His interest in posing throughout his bodybuilding career, influenced him to start his posing company, FLOW POSING in 2018. Jarek placed 2nd at Chicago Pro for his pro debut and placed 4th at Battle of Texas for his second showing as a Classic Physique Pro.