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Kenny Wallach


Book a Session with Renowned Posing Coach Kenny Wallach

Kenny Wallach is a posing coach with clients in all divisions (both men and women) in the United States and worldwide. His clients range from first-show competitors to IFBB pros.

In the past 6 years, Kenny has coached the following winners:


  • 1473 Class wins

  • 564 Overall victories

  • 369 IFBB Pro card wins

  • 89 IFBB Pro show wins

  • 12 Arnold Classic victories

  • 3 IFBB Olympia victories

  • 2 Women's bodybuilding IFBB World Champion Titles

In 2014, he launched his website to help streamline client requests. With the addition of his administrator Angela in 2015 the Dead Center team was created.


Not only does his website accept payments for posing sessions, it is the exclusive site to purchase DeadCenter apparel. ​


Sessions Available on April 21, 22, 23, 24

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